Application Support

Get the professional support you need to ensure your business applications keep pace with changing market trends, industry dynamics, and customer needs.

Application Support

Managed Application Support Services for Enhanced Efficiency and Results

When you are running a complex business on a system as comprehensive as SAP, there is a significant need for ongoing upkeep of your environment that includes constant maintenance and management. Historically, support needs of a maintenance nature required companies to hire expensive and difficult-to-find resources. 

Our Application Support Services will provide you a custom approach to categorically separate the system improvements changes from the daily maintenance needs. Your business solutions will be separated from application support services by using our specialized application support architecture.

Application Support Services

Personalization is an important aspect of Customer Experience and we ensure applications adapt themselves to any mode the user wants to interact and engage with.

  • Application Maintenance

    Utilize portfolio-based tactics pertaining to technology, information planning, public and services by taking your unique business objectives, methods and applications into consideration

  • Application Re-Engineering

    Overcome the challenges faced by programmers and maintenance engineers when it comes to serving legacy applications. Deploy re-engineering services to transform legacy applications

  • Performance Monitoring

    Ensure high-accessibility and higher performance of your applications by addressing issues pertinent to maintenance and monitoring, solving bottlenecks and proactive consideration of customer feedback

  • Application Migration

    At R4B InfoTech We Optimize IT environments for improved performance and higher productivity with top-notch solutions that seamlessly integrate business applications, data and systems

  • Application Improvement

    Jump from ‘it works’ on a cloud server to an actual production environment setting. Sacle-up/down your server settings to ensure optimum performance of your software through application improvement

  • Application Support

    Identify issues and locate vulnerabilities before occurance. Find solutions that ensure consistent delivery of value and add to organizational efficiency with customized application support services modules

The Scope of Our Services


Guiding materials for users:

  • Product and technical information.
  • Manuals, FAQs.
  • Knowledge base with our convenient search. R4B InfoTech proactive L0 services reduce the L1-L3 requests by 60%.
  • Pricing model: Fixed price – you pay for us to prepare user guidance materials for your app, the costs of further updates are reduced.


    Guiding materials for users:

  • Resolving even the most serious incidents in less then 12 hours.
  • Administering application environment and managing user accounts.
  • Log investigation for issue root cause analysis.
    Pricing model: Price per ticket – we define the L2 ticket cost and you pay at the end of the month for the number of tickets we resolve.

  • L1

    Guiding materials for users:

  • Prioritizing support requests.
  • Solving basic user issues in under 15 min.
  • Escalating unsolved issues to the next support level and providing issue status updates according to an agreed SLA till resolution.
    Pricing model: Fixed price – Price per ticket – we define the L1 ticket cost to be paid at the end of the month for the number of tickets we resolve.

  • L3

    Guiding materials for users:

  • Fixing complex issues via swift changes to the code and database.
  • Root cause issue resolution.
  • Rolling out even the most comprehensive patches in less than 24h.
  • Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay each month for our continuous L3 support services at a reduced hourly rate.


    Application Support and Maintenance Services

    Deploy skilled professionals to apply their expertise to stabilize your application, optimize provided services and application improvement. Services include expansion and/or modification of application functionality, debugging and creating supplementary features.

    With two decades of Application Support and maintenance experience, we have enlisted qualified specialists who provide predictable results and a high, consistent level of service quality. With an innovative approach towards application management we envisage effective edgy application support and maintenance.

    Why Choose Us ?

    At R4B InfoTech, we make sure that alongside growth of the company, our employees and client grow by providing a great work-life Culture in the Industry. Don’t start from scratch. We’ve created a library of features (like login, shopping cart, secure payments). We’ll stack them and customize them, any way you want. It’s faster and costs less too.


    Make Your App Richer With Our ExpertApplication Support Service

    At R4B InfoTech our business solutions will be separated from application support services by using our specialized application support architecture.

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    Adopt an advanced approach inclusive of on-call production support, proactive maintenance, bug-fixing, enhancements, user support and training

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